How much can I get for my diamond?

That depends on many factors. We get a lot of phone calls that start, “I have a 1 carat diamond, how much are you paying for them?”, or “I have an appraisal for $5,000 on my diamond ring, how much will you pay?”. The answer is we don’t have enough information to make you an offer. Diamonds have many factors that go into the price such as carat weight, cut, color, clarity, shape and certificate. The only way to make you a real offer is to bring the diamond to us for evaluation. The only way we will make you an offer by phone or E-mail is if you have a GIA certificate with your diamond and that offer will be approximate and conditional upon seeing the diamond. Other certificates tend to be slightly to highly inaccurate and not allow us to even make an approximate offer by phone or E-mail. An appraisal from a jeweler is not a certificate of any kind. This is a document for insurance replacement if your diamond is lost. The value is often very inflated and has no bearing on the cash offer you will receive. Emerald City Jewelers wants to buy your diamonds and our goal is to be the highest offer you will receive for your diamonds. If you do have another offer that is higher than ours that we can verify, we will beat that offer.

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